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  • Author Topic: I will introduce the advantages and features of the high efficiency sand making  (Read 58 times)


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    With the development of construction sand, cement plant sand, railway construction, garden renovation and other industries, the sandstone used has certain requirements for the [You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login] due to its own hardness and size. Changed, various types of sand making equipment were born, such as impact sand making machine, river cobblestone sand making machine. In order to better meet the market demand, the team developed a new type of high-efficiency sand making machine, and its appearance quickly won the favor of the majority of users. The following small series will introduce you to the advantages and features of the efficient sand making machine.
    The high efficiency sand making machine is an efficient sand breaker and gravel machine. It is a relatively first sand making machine. Its various accessories are manufactured in conjunction with the introduction of domestic and foreign technology. It is a new type of [You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login] that combines the advantages of hammer crusher and impact crusher and has been repeatedly tested by technical experts. The operation is stable and reliable. Double oil pump design. Only one oil pump works in normal operation.
    If the pressure and flow rate do not reach the set value, or if one of the oil pumps fails, the other oil pump will automatically open, fit or replace. An oil pump operates to ensure proper operation of the main engine. In addition, in materials used for consumables, we chose to use very high wear resistant materials to reduce maintenance. And it is equipped with an easy-to-maintain hydraulic opening device for quick repair and replacement of parts in the crushing chamber, reducing downtime and trying to save costs for the user. But it is not unimportant that it automatically adjusts the size of the vent according to the size of the product to meet the requirements of different environments.
    In order to solve the problem of easy wear of high-efficiency sand making machine parts, the wearing parts of high-efficiency sand making machines usually include hammers, counterattacks, casing liners and rotor body shields. Among them, the wear time of the hammer is short, and the maintenance cost is also high. Therefore, the primary task of solving efficient wear is to reduce the loss of the hammer.